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As a Mentored Birth and Postnatal Doula, Hypnobirthing Instructor and Mindful Breastfeeding Support Practitioner, I can offer support throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey.

I can tailor my services to meet your needs. I offer a free consultation via telephone, Skype or Zoom call to discuss these needs and see how I can support you.

Due to the current COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions I am currently offering virtual 1-2-1 support. 

Current Hypnobirthing Services:

I am offering a discount on my 1-2-1 Hypnobirthing course which runs for four weekly sessions (approximately 2-2.5hrs each) via Zoom. I am flexible regarding days and times and can work around you. 

I teach The Calm Birth School Method of Hypnobirthing which is designed to support you and your birth partner (who ever you may choose) to have a positive birth experience whichever way your pregnancy and birthing journey takes. A Hypnobirthing course is more than just learning about the relaxation and breathing techniques, but also antenatal education to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to make informed choices throughout your pregnancy and birth experience. 

Current Doula Services:

I am not currently offering my Doula packages, however  I am able to offer individual, one off support and signposting dependent on your needs. Please contact me for more information. 

Current Mindful Breastfeeding Support Services:

I am currently working on a Mindful Breastfeeding Support 1-2-1 workshop to be offered via Zoom.


I can support you during your pregnancy to develop the tools needed to empower you to have a positive birth experience, whatever that may be for you. I can support you to consider all the options, choices, information that is available in order to consider what you could do to prepare and create your own birth preferences.

I can also support by offering a Hypnobirthing Course where you will learn The Calm Birth School Method. This will enable you to feel relaxed, comfortable and in control of your birthing journey. You will receive the book, MP3’s and up to 10 hours worth of instruction as well as course materials and a goody bag.

I will soon be offering a Mindful Breastfeeding Support Workshop.

Dependent on your situation I can offer as much or as little support as you feel that you need. I am here to support you, not make decisions or choices for you.


As a Birth Doula I am able to offer support to you and any other Birth Partner during your labour, birth and those important few hours post birth. 

Most likely we would have met two or three times during your pregnancy and whether or not you have booked me for postnatal support I will offer at least one home visit post birth to debrief and reflect as well as signpost any future support you may need.


It does not matter to me where you would like to give birth, if you would like me to support you during this time, then I am there for you. 


I do will never take on too many birth clients to ensure that I can be there for you, when you need me. I will be “on call” from 38 weeks until your baby arrives.

Post Birth Support


As a Postnatal Doula I am able to support you physically, emotionally and mentally in those first few days and weeks of parenthood. 

I offer hourly sessions that can be combined and tailored to you and your family’s needs during the fourth trimester.


I usually support physically for the first 6 weeks and can offer virtual and telephone contact for a further 6 weeks to cover those first important 12 weeks post birth. 

I also offer a follow up and debrief post birth for Hypnobirthing clients if this is something that they are interested in.

I will soon be offering Mindful Breastfeeding Support during the postnatal period.