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Updated: Jul 17, 2020

A Doula is someone who is experienced and can offer emotional and practical support to a birthing person and their family before, during and after birth. This enables them to feel supported and empowered throughout their whole journey into parenthood.


A Doula will listen, signpost and give you the tools to empower yourself to make informed choices using evidence-based information.


A Doula can offer you continuity of care and support throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey.


Doulas are not medical professionals and will not take on a clinical role. Doulas do not advise or make decisions for you.


There are birth and postnatal doulas and some, like myself will do both. Doulas will offer a variety of services and you need to find someone who feels right for you.


The research shows that having a Doula as part of your support network can reduce your chances of having an abdominal birth, instrumental birth, an induction, the need for pain killers or an epidural. It also shows an increased likelihood of breastfeeding being initiated if this is how you would like to feed your baby.

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